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STEM is an acronym that stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.” 


STEM education is increasing in popularity within the U.S., especially as more schools are implementing into their curriculum. There are some valuable benefits for children and their growing minds!


During STEM activities, children learn resilience as they learn to fail and try again, in a safe environment, as they learn the steps that  will lead to success. Children can learn to embrace making mistakes as a healthy part of the learning process. STEM also encourages taking risks and experimenting, with a “let’s see” approach and figuring out new solutions to achieve end results. 


It harnesses teamwork and collaborating with other with different abilities and perspectives. It promotes ingenuity and creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as confidence in working with new technologies in an ever evolving and increasingly tech-centered world.  

Annual Member Registration Fee: $65 

(One time fee per year that covers every member of the family)


Monthly Tuition Costs

(Month to month cost per class)

Class Descriptions


Beginner Builders

Ages 6-8  - $79
45 Minutes

Children will be given a theme challenge each week and allowed to explore their imagination to create something from concept to completion. 


Engineers 101

Ages 8+  - $89
60 minutes

Children work along side their peers to develop simple machines and learn the mechanics and science of how things work to create new inventions. 


Beginner Scratch Coding

Ages 6+  - $89
60 minutes

Learn Scratch programming language to create  fun video games and animation.


*Must bring your own laptop or Ipad 


Junior Java

Ages 11+  - $89
60 minutes

Java is an object-oriented programming language. Children will learn how to apply the coding language to build and create websites, apps and other system programming. 

*Must bring your own laptop or Ipad 

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