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Our Adult Fitness classes are co-ed and focuses on fundamentals, fitness and fun! We have a variety of adult fitness classes ranging from Gymnastics, Fight Club, Strength & Stretch, Aerial Silks and Ninja Gym. Enjoy a powerful workout, while getting to explore a unique experience with our exciting classes.

Our program is a year-round program and enrollment is open all year!

**Please ask us about FUTURE CLASSES** 3 Students needed to start a future class.

Annual Member Registration Fee: $65 

(One time fee per year that covers every member of the family)


Monthly Tuition Costs

(Month to month cost per class)

Class Descriptions



Ages 16+  - $94
55 minutes

This 55 minute co-ed class, focuses on the basic fitness aspects of the gymnastics discipline. Get in shape like an athlete, while learning basic gymnastics skills and utilizing gymnastics apparatus.

Thursday 7:00 pm



Ages 16+  - $94
55 minutes

Adult Aerial Silks is a work at your own pace class, from beginner levels to advanced. Come build your strength, endurance and explore your creativity!  Learn basic, beginner skills, learn how to transition between skills and tricks with proper technique, or partner work, as you discover the exciting world of Aerial Arts! 

Tuesday 7:30 pm


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Ages 16+ - $94
55 minutes

Adults with experience of any level from beginner to advanced, are welcome in this co-ed class. Train at your own pace and be challenged to push your limits. Learn balance connecting of tricks, obstacle training and more, while you build up your strength.

Saturday 11:30 am



Ages 16+ - $94
55 minutes

In this 55 minute co-ed class, come prepared to train like a gymnast. Build and strengthen your core, build your upper and lower body strength and your overall health. Relax and cool down with some deep stretching, which helps decrease your risk of injuries, helps joints move through their full range of motion, improves your posture, and manages stress and tension.

Thursday 7:00 pm

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Ages 12+ Years 

60 minutes

$94 (1 day per week) Monthly Tuition
$114 (2 days per week) Monthly Tuition
$130 (3 days per week) Monthly Tuition
$25 Drop-In 

Tuesday 6:30 pm
Wednesday 6:30 pm
Saturday 9:30 am

Co-ed Adult Fitness class taught by the World Welterweight Kickboxing Champion Eric Melton. Emphasis on real life boxing and self-defense. This 60-minute class focuses on strength and conditioning, and empowering one's self.

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