Starting August 9th!!



6 months - 5 years

NEW Sweet Peas Gymnastics Program

Mpact Sports is excited to announce it’s launch of the Sweet Pea Gymnastics program coming this June! We are one of 25 (and growing) other gyms across the country offering this exciting program. We are currently the only facility in the state of Tennessee offering the Sweet Peas program and we are thrilled to bring it to the Franklin area for our growing families! 


It is an innovative and progressive style of educational gymnastics for the parent and me stage, all the way through age 5. Sweet Peas focuses on age appropriate gymnastics activities that foster coordination, balance, core strength, bilateral awareness and flexibility. Taught in a social, collaborative environment,  Sweet Peasprovides important life lessons in self-awareness, courage, success and friendship. The Sweet Peas curriculum is centered around excellent, progressive gymnastics training which incorporates color recognition, language development, spatial relations, music awareness, measurements and counting skills. Sweet Peas learn how to listen to their teacher, follow instructions and wait for their turn. They learn to enjoy their own achievements and to encourage and applaud the success of their classmates. We know that every Sweet Pea learns at his or her own rate. The Sweet Peas program engages children though expertly designed lesson plans that provide structure and productivity in the gymnastics classroom while at the same time allowing flexibility and pacing for each unique child.



May 24 - Aug 5

Ages 3 - 12

Enrolling Now For Summer Camp 2021

Mpact Sports is now enrolling for Camp Mpact Summer 2021.  With a fun new lineup of weekly themes, appealing to both boys and girls of all ages, Camp Mpact is the place to be this summer! If you have preschool aged children, we offer Mpact Mini Preschool Camp where kids from ages 3-5 (independently potty trained), can enjoy age appropriate crafts, games, activities and a half day play. Kids ages 6-12, will enjoy a full day of age appropriate crafts, games, activities and play. We offer a flexible camp schedule, allowing you to book camp per day or per week, with extended care in the mornings and afternoons. For more information, please visit our camp page, here!