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New Xpressions Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Xpressions program to Mpact! This program will offer the Enrichment side of our business. All things creative, educational and expressive! Our first phase will begin with We will offer Books n' Cooks which is for our preschool ages, 1 year to 5 year olds can explore a literature and culinary experience, with our Tastemaker classes adding 6+ at the beginning of the new year. Our STEM classes offer lego building, engineering, coding and programming! We are currently taking class enrollment now! Register today to reserve your spot!



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$50 per person

Free For Life International and Mpact Sports
Combine Efforts To Combat Human Trafficking

As we all know this is a growing issue in our society and culture today. Living in our Wilco bubble, does not exempt us from the dangers of this growing issue. It is vital that we help equip our community with the appropriate tools to protect and prevent such horrors from happening. Mpact Sports and Free for Life International have teamed up in a longterm quest to bring awareness to the middle TN area. A custom curriculum has been designed specifically for our community.

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6 months - 5 years

NEW Sweet Peas Educational Gymnastics Program

Mpact Sports is excited to announce the Sweet Pea Gymnastics program is now open for enrollment! We are one of 25 (and growing) other gyms across the country offering this exciting program. We are currently the only facility in the state of Tennessee who are offering it and will be the only ones in this area to bring it to the Franklin area for our growing families! 


It is an innovative and progressive style of educational gymnastics for the parent and me stage, all the way through age 5. Sweet Peas focuses on age appropriate gymnastics activities that foster coordination, balance, core strength, bilateral awareness and flexibility. Taught in a social, collaborative environment,  Sweet Peasprovides important life lessons in self-awareness, courage, success and friendship. The Sweet Peas curriculum is centered around excellent, progressive gymnastics training which incorporates color recognition, language development, spatial relations, music awareness, measurements and counting skills. Sweet Peas learn how to listen to their teacher, follow instructions and wait for their turn. They learn to enjoy their own achievements and to encourage and applaud the success of their classmates. We know that every Sweet Pea learns at his or her own rate. The Sweet Peas program engages children though expertly designed lesson plans that provide structure and productivity in the gymnastics classroom while at the same time allowing flexibility and pacing for each unique child.

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