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Mini Me's Preschool Gymnastics Program

Mpact Sports is excited to announce the Mini Me's Gymnastics program.

Mini Me's Preschool Gymnastics is designed to promote physical, social and cognitive development in children 6 months to 5 years old. Founded in educational gymnastics, the Mini Me's curriculum focuses on age appropriate gymnastics activities that foster coordination, balance, core strength, bilateral awareness and flexibility. Mini Me's Preschool Gymnastics provides important life lessons in self-awareness, courage, success and friendship.

Mini's Me's are taught how to listen to their teacher, follow instructions, share, and wait for their turn. They learn to enjoy their own achievements and to encourage and applaud the success of their classmates.

We know that every Mini learns at his or her own rate. The Mini Me's program engages children though designed lesson plans that provide structure and productivity in the gymnastics gym while at the same time allowing flexibility and pacing for each unique child. The Mini Me's program also progresses them comfortably as they move on to the big kids equipment. Gymnastics helps children develop strength, coordination, balance, power and flexibility. We believe gymnastics is the best all-around activity for little ones, no matter what sport they eventually choose.

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New Cheer Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Cheerleading program to Mpact! This program will offer proper cheerleading motions, basic tumbling, stunting, proper jumps, and the importance of cheerleading counts. All of this is in effort to prepare them for future tryouts and make sure they can enter those tryouts well educated and have confidence in their skills!!

Don't wait until January to prepare for those March tryouts!

We are currently taking class enrollment now! Register today to reserve your spot!


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