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Summer Safety

CPR & First Aid Certification

CPR & First Aid Certification
Sunday, June 27th 9:00am - 5:30pm

(May run longer)

Ages 10+ 

$100 both classes (Members)*
$120 (Non-Members)

$55 per class (Members)
$65 per class (Non-Members)

*Members: Currently enrolled in classes at Mpact

Open Gym: $5.00 per child/per hour (Advanced Sign-up required)

Lunch options available to purchase!

With Summer around the corner, and safety being our biggest priority, we are hosting a CPR & First Aid Certification course for kids and families in the community. An exclusive open gym will be available to the kids of anyone taking the course, either of those days. Come learn how to properly react and respond to an emergency situation. You will receive a certification card upon completion of each course. It is strongly recommended to become certified in both CPR & First Aid, but each class is available individually. Come learn from an instructor who has 25+ years experience teaching. 

First Aid will be the first half of the day, with CPR being the second.